ARIA International has been formed in the wake of the wars and political conflicts in Africa in general and in West Africa...
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African Relief in Action, ARIA International is a non-profit entity with a noble cause directed at reaching out to those that are devastated by civil crises and other disasters. ARIA identifies itself as a secular humanitarian relief organization concerned with the well-being and welfare of people routinely subjected to unfair, degrading inhumane treatment.

ARIA's core objective is to facilitate and or undertake humanitarian efforts aimed at providing assistance to those that are victimized by social disparity and who suffer from societal neglect. Our primary target groups are women and children who are affected by circumstances that threatens their dignity, survival and in need of help.

Based in Houston, Texas in the United States of America, ARIA's philosophy is to complement the philanthropic effort of our foreign counterparts in addressing Africa's humanitarian crises.

We promote our aims and objectives through networking and coordinating with our African missions to reach our beneficiaries. Using this method, we have been successfully able to impact people in the poor rural communities in Africa.

Please join us to realize our efforts in reaching more people who are in vulnerable state and needing your help, no matter how little.

Before you leave please be kind to fill out the donation form and learn how to become a volunteer or member of ARIA.