About Us

History of ARIA International

It all started on July 25th, 1995 when a group of refugees mainly from Sierra Leone rallied members of the host community in Guinea, to form an intervention group that seeks the welfare of vulnerable women and children in refugee camps. In the epochal years, the committee, assessed humanitarian conditions and seek assistance for refugees. The committee provided relief support, social services and counseling. The following persons steered the organization with great success:

1. Mr. Alfreb B. Sankoh – Chairman
2. Alhaji M. S. Kargbo – Secretary
3. Mr. Joseph F. Sankoh – Coordinator/Founder
4. Mr. Abdul Webb – Member
5. Rev. Morry M. Kargbo – Member
6. Mr. Sultane Barry – Member
7. Mrs. Eugenia C. T. Sankoh – Member
8. Hadja M’balou Kabba – Member

The group continued very actively the process of registration and identification of refugees in Gueckedou and Farmoriah refugee camps. The founder Joseph F. Sankoh, affiliated with individuals and international organizations in Conakry, His effort to seek recognition from the Guinean authorities caught the attention of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security. Thus, the committee was transformed into an organization known as AFRICAN RELIEF IN ACTION (ARIA International), with an agreement accredited by the Minister of Internal Security in Conakry, Republic of Guinea.

The administrative structure of the organization later comprised the following:

1. Mr. Joseph F. Sankoh – President/Founder
2. Mr. Alan P. Conteh – Vice President
3. Mr. Brima S. Bangura – Secretary General
4. Mr. Sultane Barry – International Director
5. Rev. Mory M. Kargbo – Treasurer
6. Hadja M’balou Kabba – Financial Director
7. Mr. Alfred B. Sankoh – Project Director
8. Mrs. Eugenia C. T. Sankoh – Health Director

ARIA’s Appeal

Those who express and share what they already know, learn through the expression of sharing. Those who investigate and observe, add to their knowledge. Those who plan and then implement what they have planned take command, and further learn through experience of action. Whether empowerment is good depends on who are empowered and how their new power is used. ARIA International attracts the attention of the right people to work for and support the disadvantaged, including children in society where wreakers are identified and empowered and equity is served. Please lend a helping hand to fight against poverty and hunger, and help prevent destitute children.

What is ARIA International’s Objectives?

1. To embrace the world’s forsaken children
2. To help provide basic education, medical facilities and training skills for orphans, youths and unaccompanied minors
3. To advocate for and process the integration, rehabilitation and resettlement programs of refugees and the internally displaced persons (IDP’) for a durable solution
4. To heal the psychological trauma of amputees and destitute persons in the society
5. Launch awareness campaigns against the inhuman practice of female genital mutilation(FGM)
6. To help reinforce and maintain the fundamental rights of the child
7.Provision of community health services including HIV/AIDS program
8. To rehabilitate children and youths through relief supplies like, food and clothing; and provide housing facilities for them
9. Peace and conflict resolution/management through guidance-counseling, symposia workshops, seminars etc. among war affected persons
10. To provide for the hungry and needy
11. To assist the lame and cloth the naked
12. To direct the blind to a more reassuring and dependable hopeful future
13. To accommodate them in one place for easier assessment and assistance by other interested organizations

Main Activities

1. Mainstreaming education, Foster care and Caring and provide safe home for orphans
2. Early stimulation program
3. Awareness campaign about hygiene and health uses.
4. Medical assistance, vaccination, dew arming.
5. Children Care and development center
6. Psychosocial counseling
7. Child protection and legal Aid; stop child trafficking, ensure safe home and protection and advocacy for implementation of ARIA International‘s activities at all levels
8. Institutional care for orphans-empowerment ( Home for orphans )



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