Ghana is geographically located at 8 00 N, 2 00 W in Western Africa, bordering the gulf of Guinea, between Cote d’Ivoire and Togo. It has a total land area of 227,533 sq km and water area spanning 11,000 sq km. It has a total of 2094 km land boundaries – Burkina Faso 549 km, Cote d’Ivoire 668 km, and Togo 877 km. The coastline is 539 km.

The climate is classified as tropical: warm and comparatively dry along southeast coast, hot and humid in southwest, and hot and dry in the north. The terrain is mostly low plains with dissected plateau in south-central area.

Ghana houses the world’s largest artificial lake – Lake Volta, with a surface area of 8,482 sq km; 3,275 sq mi.


On November 7, 2012 ARIA International formally launched the Ghana mission in an effort to extend our programs into areas that needs humanitarian assistance. Our office in Accra has been working with the local communities to identify projects that targets vulnerable groups. For further information please contact the Head of Mission at:

Barbara MARIA Gaisie – Head of Mission



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