Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is located in Western Africa, bordering North Atlantic Ocean, between Guinea & Liberia, 8 30 N, 11 30 W. Its total area 71,620 sq km and a water area spanning 120 sq km. It has a total land Boundary of 958 km, with border countries Guinea at 652 km, and Liberia, 306 km. The coastline is 402 km.

The climate is tropical: hot, humid, with summer rainy season from May to December; and a winter dry season from December to April.

Its terrain is a coastal belt of mangrove swamps, wooded hill countries, upland plateau, with mountains in the east.


The office of the African Relief In Action (ARIA International) is located in Makeni, Northern Province of Sierra Leone. The office was the second African mission to be established in 2010. The mission undertakes wide range of programs ranging from agriculture, environmental health to education and other services suited in different communities. For further information please contact the Head of Mission at:

Moses B.Thollie – Head of Mission



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