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This is an important notice to the public and members of ARIA International, that Moses B. Tholley, our formal Head of Mission in Sierra Leone, is NO longer working with this noble humanitarian Non Governmental Organization (NGO). So whosoever does business with him is ONLY doing so at his/her own rick, and whatever transaction he does on behalf of this NGO without our prior notice, will be prosecuted by law. BE WARN AND DON’T DO ANY BUSINESS WITH HIM, AND DON’T FALL VICTIM! Its a Law.


Joseph F. Sankoh


Our website is undergoing some changes, so be on the look for these changes made on the website. Please it’s your responsibility to frequently check on this site so you exactly know members you should talk to when its comes to, ARIA International.

Management is Not and will Never be responsible for anything you might loss in the hands of wrong people claiming to be members of ARIA International. Be Warn!!!!


The Executive Assistant and Financial Director, Mrs. Aicha Sankoh was officially met by the  Head of Mission of Sierra Leone, Mr. Moses B. Thollie, today Monday April 27th, in Makeni.  The officers held fruitful discussions and deliberated issues concerning the fish pond project in Makeni. More informations will unfold as they plan to visit other operational areas in the country, during this week.


Following the President’s week-long visit to New York last January 26 through February 3, 2015 to honor an invitation by the UN to participate at the ECOSOC consultative meeting in which ARIA International was selected for consultative status with the UN body of Non-governmental organizations, the Executive Assistant, Mrs. Aicha Sankoh and the Administrative Officer, Mr. Ibrahim Sesay will be embarking on a one month tour of West Africa to meet with our missions and assessing other countries that have expressed interest to work with us.

These visits will create more opportunities for us and volunteers who have been contacting our office to undertake volunteer work in our operational areas. It will also benefit our missions and implementing partners who have signed agreements to work with us and help implement our programs through their program plan of action.

It is our hope that these visits will identify areas that need careful and robust intervention.


Four High Schools under United Independent School District in Laredo, Texas namely: United South High, Lyndon B. Johnson High, J. B. Alexander High and United High donated 4000 Science Text Books to ARIA International on Monday June 30, 2014. These books were received by the President Joseph Sankoh, accompanied by Sundema Patrick Foday (Commonly known as Papa) and Edward Sankoh, the president’s son. Handing over the books to the President, the Vice Principal of United South High, Mr. Sinneh Koroma emphases the need of these books to the beneficiaries and elaborated the concern of these schools for giving out such books to ARIA International and their hope for these kids to benefit from them. Mr. Sankoh thanked Mr. Koroma for such a big donation and personally thanked him for his love and concern of the African children, and gave him a parcel of thank you for all the four high schools. Our special thanks to Madam Fatmata Egbulem, Program Director of Action Africa Inc. a non profit based in the District of Columbia for introducing ARIA International to Mr. Sinneh Koroma. We look forward to individuals, groups and other organizations who share the common vision as ARIA International. A total of 2,350 Books were brought to Houston and will be shipped to Sierra Leone as soon as possible.


The Admin. Officer/PRO Mr. Ibrahim Sesay on behalf of ARIA International will be attending an Annual Fundraising Dinner by Action Africa Inc. at the La Fontaine Bleu, Maryland on Saturday 19, 2013. Join us to minimize human suffering in the area of poor, hunger and restore human dignity. God bless the able men and women of ARIA International and we look forward in working with you as you decide to join this great team, with passion and love for humanity.


On Friday September 27, 2013 the chief engineers of TPMC Realty Corporation in Houston Texas, MARK LOOK and PAUL STRENGHT, donated office furniture worth over $2000 to ARIA International. These include 28 leader chairs and 6 cabins. Receiving the donation on behalf of the organization, the President/CEO MR. JOSEPH F. SANKOH, thank the engineers for the gesture and promised them that they will be used towards the effective functioning and furtherance of the development and work of the organization. We therefore want other groups and well-meaning persons to imitate the good will of those engineers as we welcome you all on board to the band wagon of humanitarian work. Thank you again and God Almighty richly bless you all.

GLOBAL SOAP PROJECT SENDS 160,000 BARS OF SOAP TO SIERRA LEONE TO FIGHT SPREAD OF CHOLERAATLANTA, GA & FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE (NOV. 14, 2012) – In an effort to help prevent a cholera outbreak from spreading, the Global Soap Project is sending 160,000 bars of new soap to Sierra Leone in partnership with ARIA International, Houston, TX and the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

More than 18,500 cases of cholera have now been reported in Sierra Leone’s worst outbreak of the disease in 40 years. At least 271 deaths have been confirmed since the outbreak was reported in July, according to the Red Cross.

“Hand washing with soap is the key to decreasing the spread of cholera and saving lives,” said Sam Stephens, executive director of the Global Soap Project, adding that just distributing the soap is not enough.

“Hygiene education will be conducted by the hospital staff so that the recipients understand how and why to use the soap to prevent the contraction of cholera,” Stephens added.

The 40,000 pounds of soap – which was shipped out last week – will be distributed by hospitals in and around Freetown beginning in mid-December. The soap



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