What We Do

The beneficiaries are the focal point of our operations and our programs are tailored toward the specific needs of a given community. We continually develop new programs to meet the changing times. Often times, our programs are integrated to reflect result-oriented approach. Meanwhile, we recognize the significance of the culture and tradition of the communities we work in. Most importantly, we take into serious consideration the dignity of persons and contributions of those we work with. This culture is embedded in ARIA’s conduct and values.


ARIA International act as a liaison in the provision of needed assistance to those in need. Through our network of organizations and individuals, ARIA solicits support for its programs based on the need and urgency of a particular project. Basically, all humanitarian crises are they man-made or natural are considered emergency.

We work with communities to develop programs to address potential areas of need. Our policy for encouraging equal participation in public humanitarian services gives people the opportunity to contribute in improving situations that threatens capacity development. We target schools with emphasis on primary education and health care.  

ARIA members engage partners in resource mobilization and coordinate effort with our missions in Africa to identify programs and develop strategies for their implementation.



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